How to Get Your Dog to Perform Tricks

black and white dog on grass field

Dog obedience training is vital to your dogs long term health and happiness. Many people are intimidated by the idea of having a dog, which is a wild animal and often reacts negatively to any type of training methods. It’s crucial that your dog learns how to behave properly in your home and become a loyal and respectful member of your family. However, it’s not always easy and you might find yourself at a loss to know where to start.

Well, there are several methods of dog obedience training, each with their pros and cons. The biggest advantage to obedience training is the fact that you are setting your dog up for a great future life. Your dog will be a happier and healthier dog because of your obedience training. There are pros and cons to every method of training. There are dogs that are not suitable for obedience training, but most people think that they would be a mistake to avoid.

One of the most famous and popular dog training methods is crate training. This method is very simple and at the same time can be very effective. You might want to place a crate in your home when you want to keep your dog out of trouble and safe. In fact, the crate is your dog’s home for the duration of his life.

Crate training may be the safest and most effective method of obedience training for dogs. Just place a leash and collar in a crate and keep the dog inside the crate. You can use food and water as a reward, but don’t feed your dog too much or they will get over zealous. Use the crate a few times a day when you are gone and come home, but don’t go away for a long time. Your dog will learn to associate the crate with good things, so don’t forget to reward them with treats when they are in the crate. This will ensure that your dog remains inside the crate for a productive hour.

You can also teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay and down. Once you have taught the basic commands, you can then teach them to your dog, but make sure that you don’t change the basic commands too much because your dog will get confused and this is dangerous. Each command should be simple and easy to learn, and your dog will learn it in a few days. Once you are done, you can then go out and say “sit” or “down” to your dog when you want to teach them to do it properly. Once your dog gets the command, give them the reward and don’t forget to praise them.

With a little patience, you can train your dog to do tricks or perform other commands very easily and effectively. When you are happy with their performance, don’t use any command that you haven’t taught. Dogs need to be taught so that they will react the way you want them to. If they don’t learn, they will give up easily.

Don’t use the command sit unless you want your dog to sit. Use the command down when you want your dog to lay down and don’t ever use down if you want your dog to jump or perform other antics. Always use down when you want your dog to be still.

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