Dog’s Ears – Why Should You Take Care Of Your Dog’s Ears?

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The dog’s hair is as much of a treat as the dog’s food and toys – just like the treat, it does not last long and can end up in your backyard. It is a common and unfortunate habit among people to shave their dog’s hair. But, don’t do it – there are lots of reasons why you should not trim your dog’s hair. First and foremost, it is cruel to the dog. The dog’s hair is like a child – when you cut its hair, you are cutting away its skin and risking infection and disease. You are also cutting the dog’s ears – a very precious part of the dog. If not trimmed, it can start a habit of removing them as a habit, which causes pain to the dog. If you want grooming to be done to the dog’s ears, there are lots of products which can help you do it.

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If you are in love with your dog, you must know that there are lots of products which can make grooming and dog ears a delight. Here are some of them –

First, you can use a towel dipped in a baby oil to make hair pliable. Use your fingers to groom the dog’s ears gently.

Second, you can use a dog oil to make the dog’s ear hair fall off. It will be easier to remove dog hair from the dog’s ear if you first let it dry properly. You can also use a hair dryer in a low-temperature for about five minutes.

Third, you need to use a hair curler to cut the dog’s ear hair. Use your hand to hold the curler. The hair will fall off the ear easily. It is not easy to cut dog hairs from the dog’s ears – if you are careful you can make it fall off but not too much when you are doing these activities.

Fourth, use hair dryers on the dog’s ears. Do not use an electric fan for this. The hair from the dog’s ears will be easily trimmable on hair dryer. You can also use your fingers to gently groom the ears.

Fifth and last, use a rubber nose with fingers to massage into the dog’s ear. This is the most convenient way to groom dog’s ears.

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