Dog Obedience School: Advanced Training

Dog Obedience Training

When we use “advanced” in conjunction with obedience training, you might wonder how obedience can be divided. A dog is either obedient or it is not, right? However, there are higher levels of obedience, just as there are higher levels of dog obedience training that must be achieved in school and training.

A child does not start school in the sixth grade; it must start in preschool or kindergarten. There he learns how to get along with peers, how to play, how to fit in, how to share and – perhaps most importantly – how to learn. With dogs, basic obedience training achieves much the same as preschool or kindergarten does for the child.

Most families are very happy when their dog learns to eat inside and go to the toilet outside, while other dog owners are only happy when their dog can really ‘fit’ into the family.

To fit in, however, the dog must respond to commands so that it can be well controlled. The five commands necessary for control are ‘Come’, ‘Stay’, ‘Sit’, ‘Heel’ and ‘Down’. An obedient dog must respond to each of these commands each time it is given by its family.

Obedient Dogs Are Happier

If a dog receives training in basic obedience, it will enjoy living with it more. The owner has the ability to communicate with his dog, while the dog gains the ability to understand some words of the English language. The basic training is therefore the essential training for good behavior.

However, the dog is able to learn more than basic obedience commands, just as a graduate of elementary school has the ability to learn more than simple writing, reading and basic arithmetic. But the similarity between a child and a dog does not stop there either. When a child goes to secondary school, it finds walking just a little more difficult than in elementary school. It has to work a little harder, and this is also true for the dog that goes to the higher obedience training.

School grades for the obedience of the dog

To better understand the different levels of obedience training that a dog can achieve, you can learn more about the different obedience titles that a dog can win as a result of competing in obedience tests at the American Kennel Club. These tests are divided into competitive classes or grades compared to elementary school, high school and college.

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