Clicker Training

faceless young guy training purebred dog on lawn in park

Clicker Education for Pet Dogs

What is a ‘clicker’? A clicker is simply a little plastic box, containing a metal plate which, when pressed, makes a ‘click’ sound. What is clicker training? Clicker Training is an approach of ‘ favorable reinforcement training’– that is, compensating the practices that we such as opposed to penalizing behaviours that we don’t such as. …

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Clicker training games with obedient dobermans

Clicker Training Games

You can teach your puppy some useful and desirable behaviors (not only obedience commands) by using the clicker. Clicker training games are probably the easiest and fastest way to teach your puppy nice tricks, funny commands and polite manners. Of course you have to familiarize your puppy with the clicker first. To do this you …

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