Your Dog Is Older Now, So Treat Him With More Respect & Understanding

Old Dog on Sofa

You give your dog food and shelter to keep him alive. But there are three more things he needs to stay healthy and happy and improve his quality of life. First, he needs regular exercise to keep his body in shape. Second, his mind needs to be stimulated to keep him awake and busy. And third, he needs to be constantly socialized to keep him confident and happy.

Keep your adult dog happy and avoid punishing him for sudden mistakes.

Dogs are sad when their family tends to ignore them or not spend enough time with them. And when dogs get sad, they act conspicuously by showing negative behavior. These include constant chewing, digging, barking, and they may even run away. These adult dogs do not intentionally behave badly. They only return to their natural dog behavior to entertain themselves. And since they cannot communicate with words, they communicate with actions.

Do not love your dog only when he is good

Learn to love your pet unconditionally, and if he behaves badly, try to find out the reason for the behavioral problem instead of scolding or punishing the dog. Remember that he is now an adult and is probably behaving very well most, if not all, of the time. This means that if he lashes out and does something wrong, it usually has an underlying cause that you can treat successfully. It could be that your dog is missing something or that he is out of balance. Find the cause and then offer the solution.

Keep your adult dog socialized

Sometimes, as our dogs grow older and more mature, we tend not to walk them as often as we did when they were puppies. This is quite understandable, since adult dogs in their adult years seem to like to just lie around the house and watch TV with you. However, to stimulate your dogs’ minds and keep their social skills intact, you should do your best to take them out as often as possible to greet other people and other dogs.

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